Pinball Arcade Repair Indianapolis

Do you have a favorite pinball machine, arcade game, or other coin-operated machine that isn’t working anymore? Let the service and repair experts at Doc Pinball help. We’ve been in business since 1986 and know these machines inside and out. We offer on-site maintenance in Indianapolis and 45 minutes beyond. Request service today or call us at (317) 326-3533 for more information.

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Can You Repair My Pinball Machine?

At Doc Pinball we handle all types of repairs on coin-operated machines, including everything from parts replacement to preventative maintenance. A repair is anything that we need to do to get the pinball, arcade game, ride, or other machine in operating condition. Here’s some of the work we commonly do:

  • Board work due to component failure or burned-out connectors.
  • Mechanical component repair or replacement due to torque or breakage under the playfield.
  • Broken switch repair or replacement.
  • Replacement of easily-accessible rubbers.
  • Correction of bad field repairs that are not up to code/specifications and may be a hazard.

Basically, our service and repair work addresses all the mechanical and electronic components but does not include any cosmetic adjustments to the machine. We do offer separate restoration services, however.

You can trust the service and repair experts at Doc Pinball. For more information about us, including our free maintenance lesson to buyers, call (317) 326-3533 or request service now.